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On Forgiveness

I received an email the other day from the local On Faith editor of the Washington Post asking if I’d be willing to write a piece on forgiveness in the wake of the shootings at St. Peter’s and the diocesan response to them. It’s posted now on their website here.

A Time for Weeping

They say that deaths come in threes and they seem to be right. Last week we had the funeral of M’s grandfather, the family patriarch. He was a saintly man who exemplified Christian fortitude in the face of some very difficult situations in life facing them with courage and a

AKMA on Faith

In lieu of actual content on this blog (which is forthcoming—I’m just really busy now…), you need to read AKMA’s post on faith. I quite agree with what he says here; of course, my intellectual roots in this discussion are functionally the same as his—Lindbeck by way of the Yale