Brief Form for Opening Snazzy Vestments

A trial liturgy from the Postulant which should be included in the BOS at next General Convention…

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One Response to Brief Form for Opening Snazzy Vestments

  1. John-Julian, OJN says:

    Oh, I love it — as only a 75-year-old, Fond du Lac born-and-bred, Victorian, Nashotahite could!

    In my last parish every single vestment they had was pure tacky trash. Fortunately, there was a considerable Memorial Fund at the rector’s discretion. I passed all the junk on to some new mission somewhere, and then did it new from the ground up! (And I DID inordinately love doing it.)

    A parishioner commented that every Sunday was like a fashion show, and they never had any idea what would appear next in the chancel! And they loved every minute of it, too!

    We Anglicans may be a messed up bunch, but we still do “good taste” better than any of the others!

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