Biblical Marriage Helps

My parents have recently sent a couple of books on marriage and family relationships (long story…). These books are authored by people with degrees from the Moody Bible Institute. They purport to give me biblical advice on dealing with relationships. As a biblical scholar—I’m underwhelmed. If I didn’t know any better, I’d think they’re chock full of conservative social principles with carefully selected biblical stories, vignettes and decontextualized sayings functioning as illustrations rather than real sources for the reflections. No, if I want a book teaching me how to have a good relationship as grounded in Holy Scripture, I want a book that wrestles with the hard questions and that seriously engages what’s actually in the text. Here’s a sampling of things I want to see and need advice on drawn directly from Scripture…:

  • How should I handle it when my wives team up against me?
  • What are the complexities and complications of family life when my wives are also sisters? Does sibling rivalry help or hurt a relationship?
  • What’s the proper etiquette when one of my wives sends her slave to have sex with me?
  • The parents of your wife/wives are your “in-laws”; what’s the proper form of address (and holiday gift giving requirements) for the parents of your concubines?

And this is just the beginning…

3 thoughts on “Biblical Marriage Helps

  1. *Christopher

    Nice. I must say that in general, I find the pastoral care section on marriage and family to be largely underwhelming. Much better resources exist in the therapy section as far as I can tell because they’re willing to deal with hard matters.

  2. Marshall

    How about, “How can I avoid becoming triangulated between two wives who are feuding about which son will succeed me?”

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