Daily Archives: May 11, 2018

Thoughts on the YouTube Experiment

Initial thoughts on three weeks of the YouTube experiment…

1. Creating graphics, writing, shooting, and editing takes more time than I expected. That’s ok when it’s a regular week. Last week wasn’t regular, though. I was on the road doing the clergy conference for the Diocese of Long Island, then doing an Inwardly Digest weekend at two parishes up there. That really threw off my timing resulting in a very late upload.

2. I’m still in the editing learning curve. There are several new things that I want to try to make the video quality better (better transitions, add music, add end cards, etc.) but with the time crunch on the previous video couldn’t spend the time to head down those rabbit holes.

3. I notice that—I’m way more fun live than recorded… I observed that during my Long Island trip. I think I’m better and more engaging when I’m interacting with a live audience than talking to the camera. Maybe it’s the narrow focus of the videos but I’m not sure.

4. My Digital Strategist believes that the videos are too long. She’s recommending a short version and then maybe an expanded cut for those people who care to hear more.

5. I’m still wondering what my best media options are between blogging, podcasting, and the videos.

I don’t know—what are your thoughts?