Working Out Bugs

Still fussing with some stuff to make sure that everything is fully functional.

Could someone post some comments here? I haven’t seen any yet, and want to make sure that’s working properly. If you’re trying to but are unable, please shoot me a note at haligweorc(at)hotmail(dot)com.

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  1. Morning Derek. As per your request here is a comment. It appears that all is working as it should.

    Pax Vobiscum

  2. Ahh…Derek….not sure whether your blog is working right. But–could you please, please, please consider using a significantly darker font for the body of your posts? My glasses put me at 20/25, but I can barely read your posts. And I hate to miss them! Please?

  3. It would help greatly if type were darker (currently, it is difficult for older eyes to read).

  4. Can’t seem to find your new slimmed-down blog roll when I view the site on my iPad.

    And I agree that the type is too faint for my eyes.

  5. For those who view the blog on a mobile device (I use my iphone), it may be easier to maneuver around the new blog if you select the “view website” option. The text is a light gray, but the pages don’t take as long to load and it is much easier to find links, such as the link to the breviary.

  6. If you press the menu button in the upper right corner (the circle with three horizontal lines), you will see several options. One is to view the blog as a website. At least that’s what it looks like on my phone. Hope this helps.

  7. Ok–I played with the colors and made the text darker. Is this better?

  8. The font collection used for social media didn’t have one, so I borrowed one that I thought would work ok.

  9. The links at the top right to the Breviary (i.e. the two under the heading St. Bede’s Breviary) don’t work, they give 404 not found. Also when burrowing in to the site I’m afraid the links you give to the liturgies on the OJN site no longer work.

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