9 thoughts on “Tablet Test

  1. MarkP

    Looks great on my iPod touch, though I don’t know how to send a screen shot. Enlarging the text by using the normal rubber band gesture makes a mess , though — text expands and frame doesn’t. Not sure what the model should be in that case; maybe that’s the way it has to be.

  2. Tim Hadley (@timhadley)

    Just sent screenshots of the page rendering in both vertical and horizontal orientations on the iPad. (Just realized the emails with the images might have come from two separate email addresses – oops.) The illumination images take up more screen area than I would like, especially in horizontal orientation, but most people use vertical orientation for reading anyway.

  3. dcnpatience


    Looks nice — kind of cool scrolling effect in the Office itself, even though I was running my finger along the outer right edge of the screen.

    There’s a little speckling visible at the top of the screen as the text of the Office scrolls underneath the ivy illumination.

    Let me know if you need anything more.


  4. Derek Olsen

    I used this for MP this morning and realized why the speckling happened—I turned all of the “white” to transparent after erasing the original contents of the frame. So any other white also went away! I’ll have to rework the image and erase using magenta to avoid this issue…

  5. Derek Olsen

    It will scroll on mine but the text only appears on the lower half of the screen, the frame is largely lost, and you can’t see the cute little birds at the bottom.

  6. George Hayhoe

    The test page looks beautiful on my iPad. However, not being able to magnify the text because the frame is absolute makes it more difficult to read for the older among us who regularly pray St Bede’s Breviary on our tablets.

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