Speaking of Traditional Elements…

Check this out. It’s High Church ceremonial for the Offices from the 1850’s and it’s quite interesting to compare to current practice. (Things don’t seem to have changed much from what I’ve read so far…)

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  1. “No introductory Prayer should be delivered in the Pulpit before the Sermon. But see p. 41, Par. 23, and note* for the proper use of the Bidding Prayer. See also Bishop Montague’s Visitation Articles, p. 70, No. 23.”

    Bishop Bennison once tried to institute this. I was raised on using the Jewish rabbinical prayer before d’var Torah, “May the words of my mouth…” And I have heard a much elaborated version in nearby pulpits. I also hear various invocations of the Trinity and rarely something else. Do you know what medieval preachers did in various places?

  2. As far as what I’ve ever seen, laity and some ordained use “May the words of my mouth…” and clergy (exclusively) use in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit/Ghost”. Medieval practice was to introduce a sermon with “Karissimi Fratres…” which came into OE as “Men þa leofestan…” I know of no medieval prayers used before sermons.

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