Slowly Reviving

I’m slowly getting back into the swing of things after General Convention. Family vacation began just as Convention ended so that’s giving me time away to think on things—and to not think on them as well. I’ll begin posting more on post-convention reflections in a bit. However, given that Great Cloud of Witnesses is to be made available and Weekday Eucharistic Propers  has been authorized, it now falls to me to get them pulled together and sent off to Church Publishing. That, in addition to all of the usual stuff, will occupy me for as while…

As will a new writing project that I’ll talk about in a bit; Liturgical Press and I have signed a deal on a follow-up project to my most recent book, Reading Matthew with Monks.  It’s not a direct follow-on—I’ll be going a bit further back than the Anglo-Saxon period, but Ælfric and his friends will probably make a least a cameo appearance or two. More on this later.

In the meantime, I’ve discovered that with the format change and general shifting around at the Episcopal Cafe, many of the pieces I wrote over there have since disappeared. For some of them, that’s no great loss; others I would like to have around in some form so I’ll likely repost here material that first appeared a while ago over there.