“Q, get the Sandal of Death!”

…what I heard when I tried to check email before bedtime. Did I mention one of the inevitable facts of life in Dixie? Roaches. Big ones, little ones, fast ones, slow ones, ones that sit there in the middle of the floor and dare you to look at them cross-eyed…

They may be able to survive a nuclear apocalypse but they’re no match for a size eleven Teva.

2 thoughts on ““Q, get the Sandal of Death!”

  1. LutherPunk

    I like the ones we had in Florida that you could stomp on, who would turn and laugh at you in return.

  2. Gracious Light

    You don’t remember that line in the wedding vows where you promised to kill all the roaches your wife and daughters stumble upon? Come on , man. They should have made you reaffirm that vow when they stopped you at the Mason-Dixon border crossing to check for hidden stashes of cream of wheat!

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