Programming Notes

Thinking Anglicans is reporting not only increased pressure on the ABC to kick ++Schori out of the Primates Meeting but also a previously unscheduled meeting of the Nigerian House of Bishops for Feb 6-8. Looks like ++Abuja has decided to call the cards…


In light of that—and more importantly—the nice Quick Reference sheet on the Office is back up here.  Too, they’ve given me permission to plagiarize the format for a more traditional Rite I version as well. I’ll let y’all know when that’s ready…


Church politics comes and goes. The prayers of the saints—now that’s eternal.

2 thoughts on “Programming Notes

  1. Anonymous

    I think the office reference sheet is great, but I wish when people made PDFs that they would make sure the fonts get embedded. The substitute fonts are really a dog’s breakfast!

  2. Derek the Ænglican

    LOL. So true… Thats one of the reasons I like Garamond–it’s not Times New Roman, and Windows loads it standard…

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