NIN/Bauhaus Show

It was awesome. It was so cool to see Bauhaus live. For those unfamiliar, they are widely regarded as the fathers of the goth rock movement. Think the Psychedelic Furs, but louder and darker. The only problem with their set was that the lead was using moves that were–with good reason–banned a decade or so ago. Bela Lugosi may be dead but cheesy camp clearly isn’t. He spent much of his time prancing around with a stick. Bad. People older than their mid-forties just shouldn’t prance around a stage… Embrace your gravitas, man!

NIN was just amazing. Trent has cut his hair off which bummed us out a bit but the music was tremendous. Lots of old favorites. No encore, but they finished with ‘Head like a Hole’; no encore could possibly top that. My personal favorite moment was when they did ‘Dead Souls’–an old Joy Division tune. M reminded me that it was off The Crow soundtrack; I’d totally forgotten about that…

2 thoughts on “NIN/Bauhaus Show

  1. LutherPunk

    The virginal brides file past his tomb

    Strewn with time’s dead flowers

    Bereft in deathly bloom

    Alone in a darkened room

    The count…Bela Logosi’s dead

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