Morning Randomness

* A Blessed Exaltation of the Holy Cross, y’all.

* Pontifical High Mass tonight at Smokey Mary! The Presiding Bishop will be celebrating. Maybe I’ll get a chance to meet him… Check for a report tomorrow.

*From the Well That Clears That Up Department: Peter Akinola has clarified what’s going on in Alexandria; it’s not a business meeting, it’s just a Bible study. Alright then…(Hat-tip to Thinking Anglicans)

*Dissertation: Things are busy at work and campground–I’m switching rooms within the current domicile. Between that and the High Mass I fear that not much dissertation work will be done tonight. Chapter 2 is rockin’ along (we’re at 19 or so pages). Good pages. With dense nasty footnotes.

*Menologium on the horizon: As part of my research for the latter part I’m doing a translation of the Menologium. I figured I’d go ahead and translate it since I haven’t run across a ModE version anywhere else. I’ll post it up once I get it done, then King Alfred can tear it apart if he feels so inclined… ;-)

3 thoughts on “Morning Randomness

  1. Annie

    Good progress on your dissertation. I’m quite proud of you.

    Since I do not know what a Menologium is, it should be interesting to see and I will look forward to it.

  2. Derek the Ænglican


    It’s a metrical calendar that lists a variety of saints’ days as well as more general calendar observations.

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