Liturgical Palate-Cleanser: Cistercian Compline

Here’s a PDF of Compline from the Cistercians of Spring Bank, once again thanks to Br. Stephen. And here is the MP3 with which you can follow along. Just to warn you, I had  some sound issues with it and had to crank my volume up all the way to hear it faintly.

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3 Responses to Liturgical Palate-Cleanser: Cistercian Compline

  1. Robb (LP) says:

    Ah, leave it to the Trappists!

    I like the PDF…but I also had issues with the mp3. I couldn’t hear it at all.

  2. CG says:

    They need a good proofreader: the capitalization of Him and God is uneven. I also dislike the mixing of Thee (in the hymn) with You forms.

  3. brian m says:

    These are the plain old Cistercians, not Trappists.

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