In Other News…

I’ll not be making it to SBL this year.

Things are still tight, and at the moment I can’t afford to go to more than one conference per academic year.

‘Cause I’m going to K’zoo

Actually…I’ve been invited to present as K’zoo—and so I shall!

This is an all around good thing. Not only is it a presentation at a major conference but it’ll light the fire I’ve been lacking to get my edits done and the diss finished up so that I’ll go as “Dr.” rather than “Mr.”.   In fact, the day I should graduate is the day after the conference ends. My presentation is the first half of chapter 4 so most of the hard work has already been done; it’ll just be a matter of sharpening it all and putting it into presentation format.

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2 Responses to In Other News…

  1. I seldom go to Kalamazoo, but maybe I should go this year just to heckle you.

    Support you, I mean. Support.

  2. Bring it on!! >:-D

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