I Want One!

Especially the little shocker buttons…

Now–since I teach preaching do I get the special pew in front that has a puplit-shocker for when preachers start rambling/tell one story too many/forget that they’re speaking in relation to a biblical text?


3 Replies to “I Want One!”

  1. Maybe if most of the preachers I have heard were more interesting and engaging, they would not need to shock anyone. (yes, read self-deprecation here).

  2. Only if I get an altar-party and presider-shocker ;-)

    Using some hokey anaphora off the internet, bzzzzz; playing with the food inappropriately, bzzzzz; inviting the congregation to sing the doxology or worse, Words of Institution, bzzzzz…

    This could be fun.

    And I like bls’ suggestion too. LOL!

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