Happy Sapientia-tide!

Don’t forget to start your O Antiphons tonight…

Work continues. Not as much on the diss as hoped, but positive forward movement has occurred, some of which appears elsewhere.

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4 Responses to Happy Sapientia-tide!

  1. Chris says:

    Depends on whether one follows the Roman Rite or not!

    The Diurnal gives options both ways, but as our “cathedral use” (i.e., what they do at Wednesday night Vespers in Philly) is to start them today and end with O Virgo Virginum, that’s what I’m doing as well. ;-)

  2. Like I said… :-D

  3. Christopher says:


    I found your article at the Cafe, but note that you didn’t mention the full antiphon for Our Lady. Might you here?

  4. Yeah I do–it’s at the bottom of the page as the last one as it belongs on the 23rd.

    For ease of reference I’ll include it here, though:

    O Virgin of Virgins, how shall this be? For neither before thee was any like thee, nor shall there be after. Daughters of Jerusalem, why marvel ye at me? That which ye behold is a divine mystery.

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