Glimpse into the Cisterican Experience

For those like me whose heart yearns towards a monastery but whose vocation is found in wife and family, Br. Stephen’s observations on his first year as a Cistercian novice are a  fascinating set of insights into a life that we’ll only ever know from the outside.

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6 Responses to Glimpse into the Cisterican Experience

  1. Lyngine says:

    What struck me most about the piece is that a good number of the lessons learned would be very similar if one applied them to the first years of marriage or parenthood.

  2. brian m says:

    Lyngine, I thought the same thing.

  3. Joe Rawls says:

    I recently discovered Br Stephen myself (thanks to a referral from your site) and will be reading him regularly from now on. I think he might be the genuine article.

  4. Br. Stephen is of particular interest here as he has traveled the road that some of us have—from liberal Anglican to Anglo-Catholic to Roman Catholic to Cistercian. And, several members of the Philly Anglo-Catholic periphery who participate here know him personally as he used to attend St Clement’s.

  5. ambly says:

    I know Bro Stephen slightly and find his observations to be always thoughtful.

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