Friday Random Shuffle

(h/t LutherPunk and Anastasia (Can’t wait to see her songs-about-death list (or LP’s for that matter…)))

  1. Nobody’s Fault but Mine (Zeppelin)
  2. Tourniquet (Evanescence)
  3. The fiery spirit (Anonymous 4 [Hildegard])
  4. Lullaby (Leæther Strip’s cover of The Cure)
  5. Out of This World [Oakenfold remix] (The Cure)
  6. 1000 BPM (Beck)
  7. The Song Remains the Same (Zeppelin)
  8. Missa Brevis-Credo (Palestrina)
  9. We’re in This Together (Goth Acoustic Ensemble covering NIN)
  10. Rock and Roll (Zeppelin)
  11. Passover (Joy Division)
  12. Jimmy Hickey’s Waltz (The Waterboys)

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