Final Spider Bite Update

At long last we close this painful chapter…

Ten months after the original bite, I’m 100% back to normal with no more infection. From not being able to walk for two months, I finished an 8K cross-country race yesterday. 

In the aftermath of the bite, M and I have been doing a lot of lifesyle reassessment. The doctor told M at the time that the only reason I was survived was because of my good physical condition. Since then, we’ve committed to keep ourselves in better shape. Last month M made the determination (and I jumped on board) that not only would we run more and get into decent cardiovascular shape but that we would enter at least one race a month to give us something to shoot for. She ran her first 5K last month; my first competitive race since high school was yesterday.

My time qualified me for our next big training milestone: The National Half-Marathon next March in Washington, DC. If any of you DC area readers want to join us, just let me know…

5 thoughts on “Final Spider Bite Update

  1. bls

    Great news!

    I used to run about 30 miles a week – but my ankles are all messed up now, so that’s out. Running is a wonderful regimen, though; you really don’t have to do anything else (and you can pretty much eat whatever you want!). Biking for me, now, and dancing, and walking the dog.

    I’m really glad about the end of that health scare, though; thanks be to God.

  2. backrowbass

    That’s good news indeed. Congratulations! This might even inspire me to get into better shape. Don’t run much, but I am a demon walker.

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