Episcopalians: Please comment on the Budget!

I’m head down in book writing and class prep for the upcoming semester and can’t draft a suitable post at the moment, so I’ll give you two links and a plea…

Two of my very knowledgeable friends, Scott Gunn and Nurya Love Parish, have written great posts on the problem with the budget that has currently been proposed for review at General Convention this summer.

If you want the long versions, read Scott’s post here to see what someone who has been involved in church politics for a long time thinks about this. Nurya has a different perspective since she is in the midst of trying to plant (in two different ways…) a ministry right now.

tl;dr:  The budget proposed for the next triennium reduces Evangelism spending from 4% to 2%. This is ridiculous!! We say evangelism is important and we lay down numbers like this? Really?We have until Wednesday, January 10th to go to the survey and leave comments about this. I’ve already done so—I hope you will too.