Dropping Off-line…

I’m only formalizing here what’s already happened… I’m not going to be around much for the next few weeks. I’m making the last big push to finish up the dissertation (!!), have a large conference presentation in October that I haven’t begun an adequate start on yet, and have some pressing matters on the homefront to deal with.

Carry on, all. Don’t let the people in purple do anything truly dumb…

(And say a prayer for the soul of Marion Hatchett when next you’re praying for souls. I can’t say I agree with him on everything, but he was a learned and gifted man who did much for Episcopal liturgy.)

7 thoughts on “Dropping Off-line…

  1. Annie

    “Don’t let the people in purple do anything truly dumb…”

    too late? :P

    never mind me. go finish your dissertation

  2. Mapko

    I met Marion Hatchett in 1984. Of course, his BCP Commentary is wonderful. My own copy is falling apart. After 25 years, I can close my eyes and hear his musical, non-rhotic, Southern accent. It was a delight to hear him celebrate, preach, and teach. He was gentle, humble, and had a subtle sense of humor – traits that are increasingly rare in academia. Although he will probably be recalled by many as a teacher, I will remember him most as a compassionate and open-hearted priest and pastor.

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