Digital Manuscripts of Books of Hours

Consider this a digital sticky note so I remember where these things are. More will appear as I find them. Feel free to use it yourself, of course…

British Library

Add MS 50001 (The Hours of Elizabeth [of York] the Queen) [ca. 1440]

Harley MS 273 (Composite manuscript including psalter, Hours of BVM, Office of the Dead) [15th cent.]

Harley MS 3814 b (latter half of Italian prayer book) [?]

Royal MS 2 a xvi (The Psalter of Henry VIII) [ca. 1540]

Royal MS 2 a xviii (The Beaufort/Beauchamp Hours) [ca. 1405]

Royal MS 2 a xxii (The Westminster Psalter–contains Office of the Dead) [1200-1250]

Paris, Bibliotheque nationale

Horae ad usum Aurelianensem [ca. 1475]

Horae ad usum Matisconensem [ca. 1475] (partial Hours of BVM)

Livre d’heures, en latin et en français, à l’usage d’un diocèse de l’est de la France [ca. 1300] (Begins with Hours of the Cross, then goes to Hours of the Holy Spirit)

Horae ad usum Constantinensem [ca. 1450]

Horae ad usum Parisiensem (Heure de Charles d’Angoulême) [ca. 1475]

Horae [livre d’heures] [ca. 1400]

Psautier de Jean de Berry [ca. 1380]

Livre d’heures à l’usage de Troyes (Ms 3897) [ca. 1460]

Livre d’heures à l’usage de Rome (coll. Bouhier) (Ms 3900) [ca. 1425]

Livre d’heures à l’usage de Troyes (Ms 3901) [ca. 1470]

Livre d’heures à l’usage de Troyes (Ms 3896) [ca. 1460]

Livre d’heures [Heures de la Passion du Christ, Office du Saint Esprit, Heuresde la Vierge] (Ms 1905) [15th cent.]

Livre d’heures à l’usage de Troyes (Ms 3713) [ca. 1410]

Livre d’heures à l’usage de Troyes (Ms 3890) [ca. 1500]

Horae ad usum Parisiensem ou Petites heures de Jean de Berry [ca. 1410]

I don’t have time to put in all the items from the BN—suffice it to say they’ve got a bunch and this is just a few…


There seems to be a serious lack of books of hours in the German collections which suggests that I’m not looking for them in the right way…

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