14 thoughts on “Deo Gratias

  1. bls

    How great! Hearty felicitations! We were just singing the Te Deum S282, so I’ll consider that my contribution.

    May it go ever so well!

  2. Fr Chris


    BTW, it was wonderful to meet you today — hopefully next time I’m down this way for work it can be a bit longer, and perhaps I can meet M and the kids. :-)

    Will be praying for you, but especially for M — congrats again!

  3. bls

    (Hey, you know the S282 IS the solemn version you posted above! Modern words, but that’s the music. We’re singing that for Christ the King.

    Anyway, congrats to all again. Great news!)

  4. Fr Chris

    I love S282 — I’m pretty sure that’s the one I always use. (Thank goodness for the Romans using at least a few of the ecumenically-agreed-upon texts for their breviary.)

    The Lord’s Prayer in the Rite I Eucharist section is also really nice, though they make a few decisions differently than I would have in adapting it from Latin. Very beautiful — nice to use in conjunction with the Mundelein Psalter, which only includes the Latin version on its quick-reference card.

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