Current Mid-Atlantic Anglo-Catholic Standings Announced

Released today from our testers in the 0-7 age range.

Of the contenders the winner and still most requested venue for high liturgy is (drum-roll please…)

St Paul’s K-Street!

Mt Calvary receives an honorable mention in the coffee-hour category.

Of course, we also haven’t hit All Souls or Ascension & St Agnes yet…

7 thoughts on “Current Mid-Atlantic Anglo-Catholic Standings Announced

  1. Hoosierpalian

    I’d like to extend a cordial invitation from Church of the Advent, Baltimore. Solemn High Masses with choir begin again September 20. I suggest you wait until October, though, as we are A-C but have no A/C.

  2. Derek the Ænglican

    Hoosierpalian, We’ll definitely take you up on that!

    Brian, we’ve been frequent visitors at Good Shepherd, Rosemont; missed the window for St James the Less; and have wanted to hit St Clements and St Marks for a while. I don’t have my conference schedule nailed down yet, but that might be the perfect time to visit St Clements…

  3. Paul Goings

    We also are AC-deprived at S. Clement’s; which I think makes for a very ironic turn of phrase. We do continue to have Solemn Mass during the summer months, although with a quartet rather than the full choir, which will return in October, along with Solemn Vespers at three.

    However, with Fr Wall leaving in September, it’s likely that we’ll have more Sung than Solemn Masses for a while, unless a Sunday assistant can be found.

  4. jason

    Hoosierpalian: Where is Church of the Advent? I’m a High Church Episcopalian (maybe just a hair shy of full-on Anglo-Catholic, strictly speaking), but as my wife is rather Broad Church, we go to Old St. Paul’s (the Rite I Eucharist is wonderful, keeps us both happy). I like to visit an Anglo-Catholic parish for High Mass now and then, however, usually Grace & St. Peter’s, and I’m always interested in visiting others.

    Oh, and, Derek: the honorable mention: was that Mt. Calvary on Eutaw St. in Baltimore?

  5. Hoosierpalian

    Hi Jason,

    Old St. Paul’s is wonderful! The Choral Vespers on Sunday are particularly moving. I feel lucky to be living in Baltimore, with such a rich variety of Anglican practices. Church of the Advent is at 1301 S. Charles in South Baltimore. We’d love to have you come visit. Mass is at 10:00 am and parking is much less difficult on Sundays when the Ravens are playing out of town.
    Hope to see you soon!

  6. Derek the Ænglican

    Jason–yep, that Mt Calvary. Actually when we first arrived near the city we went to Old St Paul’s for a while… If you were there last fall we may have crossed paths without realizing it.

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