I make it a policy not to talk about my day job here. I mention it now to say that I’m changing jobs to a short-term contracting position that will assist us financially and give us flexibility about where we go at its end.

Posting may well become lighter…

On the other hand…

I’m still racing to get the dissertation finished up. I’ve tried several things that haven’t necessarily helped. My director has told me that writing even a few sentences a day will help move me through a dry spell to some productive writing. Furthermore, Dr. Nokes has made a call for more medievalists to actually post on medieval stuff. Too, Dr. Drout, working on recording the Paris Psalter has mentioned the need for more awareness of liturgical issues among Anglo-Saxonists. Pulling these together, I’m thinking I may work out some sections of some of my chapters here.

Parts of my dissertation work with Benedictine Revival Anglo-Saxon liturgical practice to illumine how these liturgies impact Scripture interpretation; since my dissertation’s readership is primarily New Testament scholars and Anglo-Saxonists without specialized liturgical training, I’m including some introductory portions to orient my readers. I may post some sections here to help move things forward.

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6 Responses to Changes

  1. LP says:

    Sounds like the job change will be a positive for you and family. I am glad that worked out.

  2. swain says:

    I do post on MEDIEVAL STUFF! Sorry for the shouting…but I do!

  3. Thanks, LP.

    Uh, yeah, swain–I don’t think Nokes was talking about you…

    I think he was more annoyed at the medievalists who think a blog exists to chronicle liturgical minutae and Anglican feuds… I’ll show him, of course, and start posting medieval liturgical minutae!

  4. Gosh … what exactly did I say that put folks on the defensive? I’m not in any position to dictate how other people run their blogs; I have enough trouble with my own!

  5. swain says:


    With LP, let me say congrats sounds good. Jealous btw that you were able to attend SBL. I swear I’ll get there someday and be reading a paper! But you should come to K’zoo this year, we could grab Scott and others and imbibe some tasty beverages and have a good jaw.

    Anyway, I’m sure Scott wasn’t talking about me personally. I try to do nothing but talk about medieval stuff, and related…..

    But I don’t think it was about you either. A blog should be about what interests you. But having said that, I’m hoping you will follow throuhg on the medieval liturgical minutiae! Looking forward to it!

  6. I know I should go to K’zoo; funding has always been an issue…

    We’ll definitely have to do the jawing and sampling of tasty beverages!

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