Brief Commercial

I have a more substantive post in the works, but I wanted to throw in a quick commercial before I forgot to do so…

As I said earlier, the Daily Prayer section of the new Forward Movement site is based off the St Bede’s Breviary code. However, also tucked away in the “Chapel” area is a section marked “Daily Devotions.” While this is a rather generic title, these are indeed the so-denoted Daily Devotions for Individuals and Families from pages 136-140 of the prayer book.

The Morning devotion includes a suggestion that “A hymn or canticle may be used; the Apostles’ Creed may be said.” Accordingly, I’ve included there links to a seasonal hymn, canticle, and the Creed. While the Early Evening devotion doesn’t contain the same rubric, I went ahead and put similar links there as well.

So–if you’re in the mood to do some prayer-book praying but don’t have time for a full office, you can find the (slightly) beefed-up Devotions here.

(Note: they’re designed to work based on your time of day but you can see the whole set by fiddling with the “office=” variable at the end of the url. To see morning, noon, early evening, and night just put in the abbreviations MP, NP, EP, or CP respectively.)

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  1. Kevin LaGree

    Very nice work, as always, Derek. It will become essential on busier days. Thank you.

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