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I’m working on a post that deals with the whole issue of supplemental devotional manuals and the real solution in my eyes–modding your BCP stuff–but…here’s baby news (to keep Anastasia happy).

Lil’ H is now up to 9lb 10ozs. She eats *constantly*. We still haven’t fallen into a coherent rhythm especially as far as night-time is concerned. In particular the 3-in-the-morning-ish feeding/going back to sleep thing isn’t happening real well. M will feed her, I’ll burp and chnage her, put her down and she’ll start wailing again… Neither of our children ever took to pacifiers (except that G will chomp on one *now*). Supposedly that’s a good thing for nursing mothers; it means they don’t fall into bad sucking habits. It’s not so great in other ways–the pacifer of choice for both Lil’ G and H is mommy or daddy’s pinkie finger. And let me tell you–that thing’s not detachable. If H decides that it needs to be in her mouth ’til she falls asleep, that means me standing at the side of the crib for quite a while…

(oh yeah–division of labor: M does input, I do output. So, M nurses, and I do burping and diapers. If the baby starts wailing in the night, it’s my wake-up call since I didn’t just have major surgery.)

Other than that–she’s wonderful and is really cute.

Lil’ G’s been a bit of handful, though. She’s glad Daddy’s home all the time now, but wants Mommy to play with her too and doesn’t get (or doesn’t *want* to get) that Mommy’s not allowed to pick her up for another couple of weeks. Because M can’t do stairs we’re crashed out in the living room and G loves that the tv restrictions have been relaxed a bit–we’re starting to reign them back in, though. Bottom line–she’s used to the attention, and she’s not getting nearly as much any more. So–she’s acting out. And she’s a really smart kid and finds all sorts of…fascinating…ways to act out. Nothing horrible or terribly destructive but she does suceed in making herself a real handful. Fortunately for us she absolutely *loves* Lil’ H (she’s *her* baby) so all of her acting out has been directed at us rather than H.

Anastasia–belated congrats!–and let me tell you that *Kizzy* will be the one to watch for rather than the new one…

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  1. Derek,

    Thanks for the update. You sound incredibly busy and proud. My prayers ascend that in the midst of it all you’ll get some sleep somewhere.

  2. I hope that you don’t have to do all the output! Input is a lot easier. I don’t envy you the lost nights of sleep. My youngest was that way. I theorized that there were electrodes in his crib mattress so that he would wake up screaming within 60 seconds of being put into his crib. I do, however, envy the joy that is in the offing in the next few years.

    P.S.- Sibling rivalry is always aimed at the parents! It’s starting. Just wait.

  3. i always forget about the extra burden of recovering from surgery that comes with c-sections. wow. well, i’m glad everyone is well.

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