Apocrypha in the Daily Office

In case you were wondering, the Daily Office contains:

  • Much of the first four chapters of 1 Maccabees (but none from the other 12),
  • 5 verses from 2nd Esdras,
  • Bits of Baruch 3 and 4
  • Quite a goodly selection from Ecclesiasticus,
  • Wisdom of Solomon gets some readings in there too.

Too, there are the stealth additions—Canticles 1/12, 2/13, and 14.

8 Replies to “Apocrypha in the Daily Office”

  1. Job appears:

    Pr 22, Yr B (1:1;2:1-10)
    Sat in HW, ABC (14:1-14)
    Pr 27, Yr C (19:23-27a)
    Pr 23, Yr B (23:1-9, 16-17)
    Pr 24, Yr B (38:1-7 [34-41])
    Pr 7, Yr B (38:1-11)
    Pr 25, Yr B (42:1-6, 10-17)

    I don’t know a current online source.

  2. I pulled it manually from an index in an old (1996) copy Indexes for Worship Planning, an ELCA resource that was tied to the RCL. It is now apparently out of print and has a demand going for it if Amazon used prices are any indicator.

    But yes, this kind of stuff does need to get online…

  3. Derek, there is also the option to read most of Judith during propers 19 and 20 of Year 2. Unfortunately it means cutting Esther.

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