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Since I’ve been using Rite II for the Daily Office during Lent and wanted to kick things up a notch today, I used a catholic-minded Rite II resource—A Monastic Breviary from the Order of the Holy Cross. (Thanks again, Brian M!)

One of the things that sets this book apart from other non-Roman breviaries is that it uses fixed psalms on first class feasts and provides 5 antiphons for first class feasts and an antiphon for second class. So MP today had Pss 24, 29, 72, 93, 100 with proper antiphons. It also provides a hymn (which I recognized as one of the traditional Marian breviary hymns but I’ve been too busy/lazy to look up its Latin title) and a gospel antiphon—this one drawn directly from Scripture.

It’s a nice balance, contemporary and catholic.

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3 Responses to Annunciation MP

  1. Brian M says:

    You’re quite welcome! The hymn is Quem terra, pontus, aethera, from Venantius Fortunatus. I think the MB version is based on Neale’s translation, but modernized.

  2. marshmk says:

    Derek, can you please provide some additional description of the contents and use of the Monastic Breviary? How is it different from praying the Daily Offices of the BCP? I looked on the HC website but it did not offer additional information. Thank you and congratulations on sending off your dissertation.

  3. Yes—I will.

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