American Sarum: Friday Night

M and I arrived at the conference late Friday afternoon and have been on the run until now. I’m stealing a moment between arriving for coffee and heading up to Morning Prayer. As a result, I’ll be putting out a few thoughts now that I may go back and fill in later. (Do let me know if there are specific points you’re interested in.)

The conferece is very well attended—indeed, I think that there are more participants than the organizers initially expected and there are moments when the logistics seem clearly scaled to a smaller crowd. There are about 100 participants; I’d guess that about two-thirds are musicians, the other third being clergy. Among the clergy there’s a nice group representing the Society of Catholic Priests.

The main activity of the night was a concert by the Trinity Wall Street choir singing medieval English music. The first half was music from the thirteenth century to the Eton Choirbook (c. 1500). The second half offered selections from composers during Queen Mary’s restoration of the Sarum Rite between Edward and Elizabeth. The music was glorious.

MP calls… More later.

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