New Seminary Faculty Position

H/T Stand Firm and AKMA

This is hysterical!

Deacon Payne – Seminary Formationator

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6 Responses to New Seminary Faculty Position

  1. bls says:

    Well, I must agree; this is really funny…. ;-)

  2. bls says:

    (I especially liked the “Profess Chalcedon” part….)

  3. Caelius Spinator says:

    I liked that part, too.

    Though by the end, I was sorely tempted to give the formationer a taste of his own medicine, especially when he tackled that priest during the Consecration.

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  5. Austin Bob says:

    Someone pulled the video.

  6. Derek the ├ćnglican says:

    Ah well, it was fun while it lasted… ;-)

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