Daily Archives: November 3, 2010

RBOC, Feast of Blessed Hooker

  • Richard Hooker—get your mind out of the gutter.
  • I’ve been writing far less than I intend due to lots of stuff at home and work. Alas, blogging takes a distant place behind incarnate endeavors.
  • There’s some SBB work that needs to be done; I’d made some corrections, streamlined some table access points and had introduced an option for traditional language Lord’s Prayer in Rite 2 but due to versioning problems haven’t been able to apply it yet. (I.e., if I apply it now, there’s a good chance the collects will disappear…) I’m still trying to get the breviary blog up and going but that’s been forced to a back burner
  • Work on the presentation for the Society of Catholic Priests is proceeding well; I hope to meet some of you in the flesh there. I think my talk will be posted somewhere for those of you not attending.
  • Got confirmation of our registration for the American Sarum conference—M and I plan to prepare for it by reading more of Blessed Percy.
  • Had a fine All Souls Mass at church last night only marred by my obsessive thought that it’s a shame the ’82 Hymnal doesn’t have a proper Agnus Dei for requiems.
  • Note to Republicans: You won last night in some key races because of not one but two constituencies. Yes, the Tea Party folks were a factor. Don’t forget the other factor: the Independents and Moderates who voted for you because we like to see a government that must negotiate. Some of the best years in recent history were when Bill Clinton had a Republican Congress. Now Obama has a Republican House. Use this opportunity. Sand-bag, obfuscate, and we’ll toss your butts back out as quickly as we voted you in.