Daily Archives: October 22, 2010

Breaking News: Fire at VTS Chapel

There’s apparently a fire at VTS. What’s odd is that M was just there for an SCP Solemn High Mass. I sure hope the low-churchers there knew how to put the thurible out properly!

Update: M said that the SCP didn’t do the mass—it was the seminary’s worship group that did it; the SCP group was only there in attendance.

Further Update: This has been picked up by the Lead and ENS and other places and the news is not good at all. From FaceBook:

“Seminary chapel is definitely consumed. Windows are melted and roof is completely gone. All that is left is brick.”

For Gadget-Happy Americans: A Grim Reminder

As somebody who’s currently sitting in front of two computers and a smartphone, this is a must-read reminder of the costs of these devices:

The fact is, we’re going to keep buying our consumer electronics. The good news is, doing so is putting food in people’s mouths. The bad news is, it’s also putting blood on all our hands. That’s our world.

What is the Christian response?