Month: March 2009

State of the Liturgical Renewal

In some correspondence we’ve been having  Donald Schell  recently raised the question of the state  of the liturgical renewal in the Episcopal Church. He wondered if it were distingrating. I replied that I’m not sure which verb is most appropriate: has it dissipated, stagnated, bifurcated, fragmented, polarized—or something else entirely…

And It’s Away…

I just sent off my full dissertation to my committee. Well, full except for footnote formatting, bibliography, and polished up modern English of the sermons I’m working with… Fr. Director is very pleased with it; we’ll see what the rest think. Barring any major problems we’re hoping to schedule an


I don’t know that much about British politics so I can’t comment a whole lot on that, but Raspberry Rabbit points us to a “slagging off” than any fiscal conservative will appreciate: