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For Fans of the New Roman Missal

(Ok—since it’s me I’ll clarify: “new” in this case doesn’t mean Trent, I mean the Vatican II revision…)

Word of the availability of this version of the missal is leaking out slowly because the hosts don’t want the server over-run. Nevertheless, it’s a wonderful resource, and people should know that it’s available. I’m shooting for balance here; I’m letting you know it’s there but to reduce googability I’ll not mention it by name…

The pdf I’ll be linking to contains:

  • The full Novus Ordo mass in both Latin and English (yes, all four Eucharistic Prayers)
  • Square notation chants for the Latin of the mass—not the English
  • The Sprinkling rite with the Asperges Me and Vidi Aquam
  • Chants for the Ordinary of the Mass according to 18 settings, identified as to when and for what they ought to be sung
  • 6 Credos
  • Propers through the year with the chant from the Gradual; English translations without the chant; the lectionary readings on the three year schema

Whether you’re Roman, Rome-leaning, or just a liturgy/chant nut, this is a great volume to have. And it can be found here.

(And for those who did think I was referring to the Tridentine Mass, it can, of course, be found here…)

New Cafe Post

I’ve got a new post up at the Cafe. It’s the penultimate piece in the “7 Dates that Derek Thinks That Anglicans Really Ought to Know” series. The timing is appropriate here, coming at the end of the Week of Christian Unity as the date at hand is 1054 and the topic the Great Schism…

I have to say, this is the piece that I feel most nervous about. Yes, it falls in my sphere historically but not topically. Thus, I tried to stick more with generalities knowing that dealing with nuances would draw fire from a variety of sides… Let me know if you spot any howlers but I tried to be fair all around. Just to clarify, here’s the rest of the series to this point:

587 BC, and why it matters

AD 70 and why it matters

AD 325 and why it matters

AD 525 and Why It Matters

AD 597 and why it matters

AD 1054 and why it matters