Daily Archives: September 26, 2008

What’s Relevant to the Church and Vice-Versa

There’s a post at the Cafe today about the growing irrelevance of the Church.

We’ve talked about this before and will no doubt talk about it again.

The church will always and everywhere be irrelevant if it is not successfully bring the gathered Body of Christ into an ever deeper contact with the Living God

It’s not about lobbying or being a better social service agency. It’s not about getting people through the doors and in the pews, either. 

It’s about changing lives. It’s about remaking our perceptions of the world, reorienting ourselves towards that which is really real–the God who loves us enough to die for us and who demonstrates that love is more powerful than death, hell, and sin–then behaving in a manner consonant with those insights.

If we are not doing this, then we are truly irrelevant.