Daily Archives: March 31, 2008

Spider-bite Update

Well, we’re hoping that the spider-bite drama is finally heading towards its conclusion. While I still have swelling in the foot, a really warm red patch where the infection is hanging out and am still going for daily IV treatments, it seems like we’ve turned a corner.

The swelling isn’t nearly as bad as it was–I can see some (ok, a little) definition in my foot now and in a strong light can see my toe tendons when I wiggle them. I continue to keep it elevated and iced and evenings can be rough. More importantly, the foot supports weight now and I can walk around without crutches. I still limp a bit, but that too isn’t as bad as it was. Most encouraging is the results of my blood-work. The doctor said it’s basically back to normal. I have an MRI tomorrow which should tell us if the infection is out of the bone. I’m hoping—and I think all of this indicates—that the infection is no longer in my bone and blood and is just in the soft-tissue of the foot.

If the doctor likes what he sees, this Friday should be my last daily IV session and I’ll be able to move to oral antibiotics!

I never thought this would take as long as it has. I’m thankful that I was in pretty good shape to start with health-wise or this would have taken even longer (or I just might not have made it those first hours in the hospital). As M keeps reminding me, caring for my health and my body is part of our responsibility to care for all of God’s creation. Because I tend toward the lean side I’ve never had to watch what I eat; that will be changing  and once the foot gets better I’ll be working on getting more aerobic exercise…