Office Encouragement

My latest piece is up at the Cafe, urging those unfamiliar with it to take up the Daily Office as part of their Lenten discipline. …And encouraging those who’ve fallen off the wagon to get back on—myself among them!

5 Replies to “Office Encouragement”

  1. I love that piece, Derek, and you’ve given me just enough encouragement to tip me from “Shall I?” to “Go for it” in thinking about commending the Daily Office to my baptism/confirmation/reception/just-looking-to-go-deeper classes this Lent.

  2. Derek, you may find a number of these resources helpful in maintaining your Office discipline:
    (basically reproduces the Anglican Service Book form of the Daily Office online; sometimes a little wonky, so check its propers against the BCP)
    (provides Mass and Office lessons for every day, in RSV translations)

    You’ll still need to find the Kyrie Pantocrator online.

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