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Big Breviary Announcement!

I’m happy to announce a collaboration between the St Bede’s Breviary and Forward Movement! Fr. Scott Gunn, the new Executive Director of Forward Movement, has a vision to bring Forward Movement further into the...


Media and Meaning

Over at Seven Whole Days, Scott Gunn has posted a very interesting reflection on the church in the age of social media. There’s no question that social media has already had an enormous impact...


Back from the Conference

I’m finally back from the SCP conference and at the keyboard once again. The conference was wonderful. M and I had a great time, it was so good to see familiar faces and to...


Third Annual SCP Conference

The line-up has been announced for the third annual meeting of the Episcopal Church’s Society of Catholic Priests. The presenters include the Rt. Rev. Frank Griswold, the former Presiding Bishop; the Rt. Rev. Wendell...


Anglican Scotist, RIP

As has now been noted in a number of venues, The Anglican Scotist, AKA Dr. Todd Bates has died at the age of 42 leaving behind a wife and two daughters. Todd and I...


Newish Blog

I’ve just discovered via the Byzantine Anglo-Catholic that Matt Gunter has a blog: Into the Expectation.



As (quite) long-time readers may recall, this blog was originally started as a place to discuss my dissertation progress as well as mentioning odd bits of church practice and politics. Over its four years,...


Computer Death

My central computer has died. (Thankfully it’s a case/power supply/motherboard failure, not a disk death.) Pithy analysis, absurd witticisms, and liturgical minutae are on indefinite hold. That having been said… Congrats to Obama for...


Of Your Charity…

I bid your prayers for the respose of the souls of Salvatore, M’s maternal grandfather, and Jean, her paternal great-aunt—and for we who remain here.