Anglican Scotist, RIP

As has now been noted in a number of venues, The Anglican Scotist, AKA Dr. Todd Bates has died at the age of 42 leaving behind a wife and two daughters.

Todd and I had our online disagreements, most notably around Marian theology and Communion Without Baptism, and some of my work on those topics was inspired as a refutation of his. I never knew him as a scholar or a family man; I only knew him as a blogger. And yet, he was one of the early voices along with Christopher and bls who persuaded me that the internet was not just an acceptable but an excellent venue for the discussion of theology for the broader church.

We will miss him.

3 thoughts on “Anglican Scotist, RIP

  1. bls

    So sad. I always looked forward to his posts, and always read them.
    Just way, way too young. We will miss him.
    Prayers for his family, whom he loved so dearly.

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