Category: Administrative

Slowly Reviving

I’m slowly getting back into the swing of things after General Convention. Family vacation began just as Convention ended so that’s giving me time away to think on things—and to not think on them as well. I’ll begin posting more on post-convention reflections in a bit. However, given that Great

Churn below the Surface

I told myself that I’d start writing things here more… Yeah—well. That hasn’t happened recently the way I’d like it to. That’ll change! I’m hip-deep in a response to the MCC/Fully Alive proposal responding to the work of the Marriage Taskforce, and it’s taking up all of my free cycles

Working Out Bugs

Still fussing with some stuff to make sure that everything is fully functional. Could someone post some comments here? I haven’t seen any yet, and want to make sure that’s working properly. If you’re trying to but are unable, please shoot me a note at haligweorc(at)hotmail(dot)com.

Blog Revamp

After a decade, it’s time to rework the blog and my approach to it. When I picked the name “haligweorc” it seemed like a good choice—I was hip-deep in my dissertation, working with a lot of Old English, and was writing it semi-anonymously. The name worked perfectly well. Fast-forward ten years,

Quick Updates

I’ve been away for a while, figuratively and literally, but the Fall and its demands advance with a relentless intensity… Finished up the bulk of two short-term contracting gigs Hard at work on collect revision for “A Great Cloud of Witnesses” the book-length revision of my dissertation is due mid-month

A New Year…

Seems hard to believe the new year is already here! Even though Epiphany hasn’t quite hit yet, I suppose my holiday hiatus is almost up. Things are pretty busy on the SCLM front at the moment… We are proposing some changes to Holy Women, Holy Men, and the way we’re