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A “Vernacular” Mass

Rite 4: The IM Mass… Celebrant: Lord B w/ UPeople: & UCelebrant: ^ UR <3sPeople: ^ 2 LordCelebrant: Give T 2 Lord R GodPeople: It’s 😀 2 give T&P Celebrant: It’s 😀 & B-)...


Goth Liturgy on CNN

I haven’t had a chance to check out the video yet, but this Episcopal Cafe article links to a three-minute CNN segment on the English Goth Eucharist mentioned below.


Quiet Night at the Manse

I didn’t have to work at my usual night job tonight… So what are we up to? M+ and I are sitting in the office. I’m doing some PHP programming, she’s listening to some...


Trial Liturgies Page

The trial liturgies page is up. As I say there, the contents are works in progress; constructive crticism for their improvement is welcomed.