Category: Goth


Goth Ministry Write-up

Craig, a friend of the blog, has sent me word of a write-up on the work that he’s doing in Birmingham (UK) with the goth/emo community. It involves a combination of a real life...


Goth Liturgy on CNN

I haven’t had a chance to check out the video yet, but this Episcopal Cafe article links to a three-minute CNN segment on the English Goth Eucharist mentioned below.


Quiet Night at the Manse

I didn’t have to work at my usual night job tonight… So what are we up to? M+ and I are sitting in the office. I’m doing some PHP programming, she’s listening to some...


Caught Out of Time

This is partially in response to Lee who has a really good one up today… M and I have often had conversations about feeling that we weren’t born at quite the right time in...


Goth Laundry

I’m sorting the grown-ups clothes right now. There’s a tiny load of white, a small load of colored clothes (mostly grey), and two loads of black…


NIN/Bauhaus Show

It was awesome. It was so cool to see Bauhaus live. For those unfamiliar, they are widely regarded as the fathers of the goth rock movement. Think the Psychedelic Furs, but louder and darker....