Random Encounters of the Best Kind

The girls and I are settling in at Church of the Advent. We love the community, the liturgy, the preaching and are looking forward to pitching in and doing what we can to help the place thrive! Lil’ G in particular insisted that I speak to Father this morning about getting her trained to be a boat-girl!

At this morning’s Solemn High Coffee-Hour I spied a familiar face I hadn’t had a chance to talk to in a while and had a nice chat with Fr Griffith of hypersync whom I hadn’t seen in the flesh since M and I left General. He was filling myself and other parishioners in on the latest news from the emergent world and his Red Hook Project.

6 thoughts on “Random Encounters of the Best Kind

  1. John-Julian, OJN

    There IS only one “Church of the Advent” and it is at 30 Brimmer Street, Boston! There may be another “Advent Church” or “Advent Parish” somewhere else, but there is no other “Church of the Advent”!!!!! (That would be like saying there is a Saint Clement’s Church anywhere but in Philadelphia — or a Saint Mary the Virgin anywhere but NYC!)

    Probably most of you are too young (or too “modern”) to understand that, but I arrived at Advent for the first time forty-five years ago this year, and I insist that my claim is true!

  2. Gillian

    But there IS another St Clement.. East End of London UK,(17-18th century-You are an Eastender if you live within hearing range of St Clements “Bow bells” ) and THE one and only “St Mary the Virgin” (?13th century) is the University Church of Oxford University, – UK – that is… Go there some time, its wonderful.

  3. Hoosierpalian


    This is most certainly true. We in Baltimore are actually “Da Church unny Advent, Hon.” And the Church of the Advent, Boston, does not have our crab cake recipe.

  4. Bob Griffith

    Boston, shmoston, give me Church of the Advent in Baltimore any day! Just kidding. I do love The Advent in Federal Hill. It was great seeing Derrick.

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