Daily Archives: February 24, 2016

Good News/Bad News

Well, the good news is that between 9 AM this morning and now, I’ve mapped out a new book. It’s a collection of essays directly targeted for the “Spiritual But Not Religious” set from a “Spiritual But Then Religious” perspective. It wouldn’t be a strong linear argument, but more a collection of concepts to muse upon in terms of what a religious tradition is good for, how to use one and–ultimately–why I think one is necessary if we really are serious about being spiritual.

The bad news? I have absolutely no business doing anything with a new book now!! I’m right near the end of one, and not nearly as far on the others as I ought to be…

The Prayer Book book is moving rapidly toward being. We’re working up cover art concepts now, and I’m still dragging my feet as to whether the last chapter needs a transitional paragraph to start it out. Once the foreword, the afterword, and acknowledgements get hashed it out ought to be done and finally out sometime in Easter.

The Cassiodorus book is still lagging thanks to all sorts of busyness and that’s the one I really ought to be writing right now.

Oh well—into the idea file it goes…