Things are proceeding well:
* M will be deaconing at our parish in Philly. Yay! It’s not a job, but at least she’ll be able to do some of the things that she’s called to do.
* We’ve been a little concerned with all the marketing, all the ads, all the Sanata/Frosty/Rudolph movies that Lil’ G may be unclear on the true meaning of Christmas. Not to worry. When we asked her what Christams is about at the dinner table a few nights ago she sang Happy Birthday to Jesus–then proceeded to blow out the Advent wreath…
* Chapter two has fit together with a big clunk. Not only do I now know all of the consitutent parts, I now know exactly how they fit together. Short form: The early medievals considered Scritpure to be eschatological epic. That is, it is a grand narrative of Christ’s battle against the devil for the redemption of humanity. Everything gets fit into this pattern. The exegetical tools are those of the literary arts becsause they allow the patterns of the redemption story to be found in isolated pericopes and the OT. The liturgical year too is a variant of this eschatological epic especially as it begins–in most early medieval kalendars–with Christmas (the birth of the hero) and ends with Advent (his triumphant return at the great Day of Judgement).
* Transit strike. Not so bad; I walk about 40-odd blocks and don’t get in terribly later than I usually do. It’s fun to whine about it though! ;-) I have no sympathy for the union. I only get a 3% cost of living increase and have to pay a hell of a lot more than 1% for basic benefits. My salary’s fairly comparable too but I have to have quite a bit more schooling (which, let’s not forget, costs money and still has to be paid back) to do my job. Oh well. We’re hoofin’ it for the foreseeable future.

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  1. bls

    The early medievals considered Scritpure to be eschatological epic.

    Hey! Me, too! (Really.)

    (Finally: a viewpoint I can live with!)

  2. Derek the Ænglican

    Cool! I may post some more on this then–we can see where the similarities and differences are…

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