Theological Isolationism

Ever feel like being a theological isolationist? Like putting up some walls and saying–look, I know y’all don’t like the way me and mine receive and practice our Christian heritage…just let us do our thing in peace. You’re probably not gonna change my mind, mostly you’re just pissin’ me off, and if you *were* trying to change my mind–pissin’ me off sure as hell isn’t the way to do it… (yeah, my country/Southern comes out when I get pissed)

*Sigh* Isolationism just doesn’t work, though. The age of isolationist feasibility ended about seventy years ago and with the digital age there’s no going back. What we need are better filters, I’m afraid. Filters that enable us to talk to those who really do want to talk, to answer questions from the truly questioning, to ask good questions of our own of those from whom we can learn [preposition abuse, anyone?], and to block out those who are interested in none of the above but are just trying to stir up trouble…

5 thoughts on “Theological Isolationism

  1. LutherPunk

    I do know the feeling and tendency you are discussing. I feel that way every time I go to synodical or conference events.

    I was actually thinking about this topic this Sunday after church. The building was empty and quiet and I had some time to reflect. I kept coming back to that phrase in the St. Francis prayer that says, “may I seek to understand rather than be understood.”

  2. Derek the Ænglican

    Yes, Annie–but we’re here for you… :-)

    Seriously, the Internet and *especially* blogging seems to be a real religious two-edged sword. That is, it allows people to find like-minded folks and groups with whom they would otherwise not be in touch. Now, if you’re a person looking for other folks looking for Benedictine-flavored liturgical Christianity, that’s one thing :-D, but it also allows fringe hatemongers like David “Virtue” and others to start movements with just a few loud shouting voices..

  3. LutheranChik

    I know that sometimes the idea of being a desert amma (or the northern hemispheric equivalent…a starretzin? is that the spelling?) has a certain appeal…

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