The St. Bede Psalmcast: Episode 4

Here is Episode 4 of the Psalmcast, looking at Psalm 147:13-21. My guest reader is Barbara from the chantblog!

The image for this episode is a snow-covered statue of Jesus the Good Shepherd from Baden-Württemberg, Germany by 4028mdk09

1 thought on “The St. Bede Psalmcast: Episode 4

  1. Barbara S.

    That was amazing. Who would have thought you could get so much out of those few verses – especially the three or four about snow and cold?

    I’m really loving the “Reading with the Fathers” thing – and I’m so glad you’re making us all aware of it, and aware of many centuries of different kinds of readings, too.

    Just wonderful. I’ll never look at this Psalm the same way again….

    (BTW, if I remember correctly, this is a Saturday Vespers Psalm, too; it’s interesting to think of it in that context as well.)

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