The Preacher and the Way, the Truth, and the Life

There’s been quite a lot of hullabaloo over on T19 about the omission of 6b from the Scripture reading (John 14:1-6a) from President Ford’s funeral. For the record, the President and his family selected all the readings…On a completely unrelated matter relating to my day job I googled the preacher and found the following from his blog about General Convention. Note in particular one of the bullets towards the end where he specifically affirms verse 6… All in all, he gives not a bad list.

4 thoughts on “The Preacher and the Way, the Truth, and the Life

  1. The young fogey

    For the record, the President and his family selected all the readings…

    Sometimes it pays to actually read a whole thread, com-boxes and all, before blogging.

    I did which is why I didn’t.

    A closed mouth gathers no foot.

    There is the whole issue of objective liturgical prayer vs giving the people/family a choice of things to do (worst-case scenario: open-mic eulogies that go on and on at the funeral service itself) but if the house rules were followed it’s beyond the scope here.

    Happy new year.

  2. Derek the Ænglican


    Actually, I hadn’t seen it since last night and that was the clearest explanation at that time. I don’t have unlimited time nor patience for that site…

  3. The young fogey

    Sorry, I wasn’t clear: I was agreeing with you that Mr Ford and his family had made those choices for the service and, if those are the Episcopal Church’s rules on this, those slating the priest were wrong (even if one doesn’t agree with the choices). I was explaining why I didn’t join that hue and cry in my blog, not criticising you for blogging on this!

    I understand it was a lovely service with great music and Rite I language, also Mr Ford’s choices.

    Regarding time and patience I hear you.

  4. Annie

    I must say that I saw that hullaballoo on titusonenine, too. I will say again–because I hope they eventually begin to see their hypocrisy–that for a bunch of people so dead set against sin that they would divide the church, it might be wise for them to apply some of those “scriptures” to themselves, see their own sin and modify their own behavior! At least one person, in thinking Ford made that decision himself, had the temerity to critisize him! (I’m sorry. I’m so confused by the endless grumbling, the continuing devisiveness, the unrelenting anger that continues to derail me that I was praying about it again last night. I keep coming back to Ballam’s donkey, for some strange reason . . . )


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