The Day Has Dawned…

I finally sent off what I hope will be the text of my defense draft of my dissertation.

Of course, I still need to fix some footnotes, recheck the bibliography, clean up the ModE of the sermons, etc. but the text proper is done. Unless he doesn’t like my corrections…

10 thoughts on “The Day Has Dawned…

  1. Chris

    Congrats! I remember when Jess sent her “final” copy off last winter/spring …. it was a glorious day! Of course, there are now some stinkin’ formatting edits she has to do to make it library-worthy … :-(


  2. brian m

    Congratulations. Send word to your Philly interlocutors when you swing into town for the conference and we’ll fete you accordingly.

  3. bls

    Wow – major congratulations are in order! That must be such a huge weight lifted from your mind.

    I know I’ve really enjoyed getting the benefits of your scholarship even second-hand on the blog – so how in the world can they not love it? That’s my thinking, anyway….

  4. Derek the Ænglican

    If my director is satisfied, we’ll start negotiating a date with the committee. I’m hoping for the end of September so I can have that out of the way before the PMR conference.

    Yes, it most likely will become a book, but more revisions will (of course) be needed…

    Joe—yours is in archeology, isn’t it? What’s your area, if you don’t mind me asking?

  5. Joe Rawls

    Derek–Peruvian archaelogy, dissertation on prehispanic Andean warfare. Mostly library research, but a long trip to Peru where I visited many relevant sites. The dissertation actually earned royalties from University Microfilm for two years in a row. Enough for two medium pizzas. But I digress.

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